The EZ-WEIGH PetProPlustm gives you life-saving information by
automatically weighing your pet FOR YOU !! 
You don't have to lift a finger - OR A PET - ever again!!

Simply feed in this interchangeable, customizable bowl which is cleverly nestled within a secret scale!
Fido and Tiger won't even know they are being weighed!

For the first time ever - with The EZ-WEIGH PetProPlustm, - pet parents everywhere are now getting their pets to the vet during the early stages of disease resulting in:

LESS INVASIVE Treatment, FEWER CHRONIC Conditions and
PROTECTION FROM premature death

  • Early Intervention. One of the first signs that your furry friend is likely suffering from an illness is sudden and dramatic weight loss/gain.  Now you can keep an eye on your pet’s weight in your home and seek immediate veterinary care at the first sign to avoid full-blown and/or chronic disease.

  • Prevention Is Key. Now you can keep your pet’s weight on track in order to avoid the health risks related to obesity, such as osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems, kidney disease, and shortened life expectancy of at least 2.5 years.

  • Successful Dieting Of Your Furry Kid. If your furry friend is overweight and your veterinarian has put him/her on a diet, you can now keep track of the diet's effectiveness without extra trips to the vet's office for weigh-ins.  You will now be able to do all this from home and know if your vet needs to make adjustments to the diet. 

  • Accurate In-Home Monitoring. Has your furry friend already been diagnosed with an illness or are they in advanced in years?  Now you can  simply and conveniently closely monitor your pet’s condition and health at all times and get back to the vet at the first sign of a change in weight for corrective, life-saving measures.
WHAT? - you say you want to weigh me? - Catch me if you can!
Meow this is more our style!

The EZ-WEIGH PetProPlustm
Providing Invaluable Information to Pet Parents Everywhere
Never attempt to diet your furry friend without consulting your veterinarian